About the Kindig It Design Garage

Dave Kindig - Owner/Designer

Who is this Dave Kindig guy anyways?

(They) say, car design is an art form with few true masters. From concept & design to build then the finished product. It takes a person with special skills and vision to craft manufactured automotive vehicles into customs. It takes an entirely separate set of skills to turn these vehicles into masterfully designed One Off Custom Car Design fabrication business.

-So this is Dave Kindig.

Since 1999 Dave & his beautiful supportive wife Charity have built Kindig-It Design together. A one stop, complete custom shop where autos are turned into spectacular works of art. From his Engineering degree in Hot Wheels & Legos. Dave and drawing go hand in hand. Kindig-It Design turns out some of the most Bitchin' RIDES on the planet.

Charity Kindig - VP/Owner

Charity along with her husband Dave embarked on an incredible journey over 12 years ago, which today is Kindig-it Design and Apparel.

Charity has attended car shows since she was a sweet 8 years old and her parents, Richard and Bonnie, were huge influences, whether it was in the garage sanding, or having an affinity for her 1967 Chevelle Malibu… or just lending a supportive ear, she appreciates and recognizes all of their efforts.

Charity has come a long way since those days of childhood; she and Dave now own and operate one of the countries best Hot Rod and Restoration shops. As if owning the shop wasn't enough, Charity turned her hours of car shows into another venture, which is Kindig-it Apparel, offering a wide range of cutting edge, culturally suitable clothing and handbags.

Charity not only enjoys their accomplishments at the shop but is most proud of their two children, Baylee and Drew, who are incredibly artistic and creative in their own right.

Valerie Gillies - Office Manager Extraordinaire

Miss "Vintage Valerie" has been a huge part of the Kindig-It team for over 11 years. She started managing her first company at the young age of 16. Valerie is responsible for... the inner workings & fine tuning of Kindig-it Design, everything from collections, customer relations, managing client builds and keeping the fellas including Dave in the right direction.

Valerie has a vibrant personality that matches her love to shoot "Pin-up". Her laugh is completely infectious, and she has maintained positive relationships with all of Kindig-it Designs customers for over a decade.

Valerie has a passion for the Hot Rod industry & supporting Kindig-it Design. She plays a huge roll in our Kindig-it Design family. We are lucky to have a great friend and such a wonderfully dedicated employee as Valerie.

Kevin Schiele - Shop Foreman

Kevin Schiele has worked for Kindig-it Design since 2004 and runs the over 27,000.00 square foot facility. He has a passion for the industry, and has spent many long hours in the shop making sure that every build is just right. Kevin specializes in air ride suspension, but is truly a jack of all trades. He is a proud member of Severed Ties Truck Club, the Salt Lake Chapter, and has personally built three over the top custom sport trucks. Kevin enjoys long walks on the beach, boating, and sea turtles.

Will Lockwood - Engineer

Will grew up on hot rod magazines and started playing with RC cars at age 11. Will took vocational classes in auto body and mechanics that saved him in high school. The ASVAB test paved the way for Will to work on Abrams tanks in the Army and ultimately being a part in Operation Desert Storm.

Once out of the Army, Will began looking for local businesses in Utah that advertised in the hot rod magazines. He started at HPC in 1992 which is where he met Dave Kindig. He took machining and drafting classes that landed him a machining job. About this time, Dave was opening his own shop and needed someone to help him get his drawings off the wall and into reality. Starting with the company in 2003 Will is still excited to push the envelope with each new build.

Will has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Carlos Delgado - Bodyman

Carlos has been a part of the Kindig-it Design team since 2008 and is a lead body technician. Carlos began his career in the automotive industry in 1980 in Guadalajara, Mexico, working in his dads shop. The family business is what gave Carlos the experience he needed to move forward in the custom hot rod industry.

Carlos loves his professional career with Kindig-it Design almost as much as his wife of over 20 years, and his 5 beautiful children. He has spent many long hours in the shop, perfecting the builds that have come in over the years.

Carlos wants to give most of the credit for his success to his father, Miguel without his influence; Carlos would not be where he is today.

Carlos is a great asset and friend. We are proud to have him and the many talents he brings to the Kindig-it Design Team.

Samuel F. Bernardeau - Custom Paint

Sam has been with Kindig-it Design since 2011, with over 27 years experience in the automotive collision and custom/restoration industry. He has been married to his wife Susan, for 14 years, and his hobbies include, restoring Mopar Muscle Cars, cooking, gardening, and most importantly, spending time driving with his wife to places they have never been before.

Lane Sukowaty - Electrical & Mechanical Specialist

Lane is Kindig-it Design's electronics specialist. He has years of experience in the automotive field, including complete vehicle wiring, custom vehicle audio installations, metal fabrication, custom chassis and suspension builds.

His interest and passion for this industry was instilled in him from his father who built and raced cars for many years before moving onto building custom fabricated show cars.

His educational background boasts a diploma in Automotive Maintenance, Diagnostics, Air Conditioning Systems, Chassis and Suspension Repair and Automotive Transmissions from Wyoming Technical Institute "WyoTech".

In his career, Lane has built competition rock crawlers, installed high end vehicle audio systems and has fabricated the highest level hot rods and custom vehicles personally & professionally. We're lucky to have a great fabricator & friend in our Kindig-it Design family.

Manuel Bellazetin - Master Craftsman

Manuel has worked for Kindig-It Design since 2008 as their custom painter, and body work specialist. Manuel wears many hats and oversees the body side of the 27000 square foot facility.

Manuel started in the automotive industry when he was sixteen years old and has over thirty years of experience. His passion has always been for vintage cars and the restoration of them to a high quality level that goes beyond compare.

Manuel's work ethic is strong, and it spills out into his personal life with his two children and wife of over 20 years.

His commitment to excellence makes him an integral part of the Kindig-it Design team.

Brandon Jones - Body Man

Brandon has worked for Kindig-it Design since 2010 and performs many functions in the 27000 square foot facility. His main job would be extensive body work to the custom builds, including cutting and polishing.

Brandon has always been interested in restoring cars and bikes but his true passion lies in mini and sport trucks, having built his own trucks and helped on numerous friends projects since he was fourteen years old.

Brandon is a low key, quiet individual, who has a strong commitment to his work and likes his beer.

Kris Elmer - Fabricator

Kris’s father was an old “hot rodder” and instilled in him a great passion for this industry. Car activity has always been present in his childhood-he blames this “illness” on his Dad, who was a machinist by trade-constantly making parts for people.

Kris attended Weber State University and studied Automotive Service Technology. His plan was to be a technician his entire life, but it became redundant and old. Kris worked at a couple of cardealerships and for Kevin Brown, owner of Classic Restorations. Participated in NHRA Division 7, touring the West Coast racing and burned through all his vacation time, he was literally never home.

For the last 4 years, Kris has been at Automotive Maintenance Specialists, when he received a call from Dave. Would he be interested in becoming a Kindig-It Design member-and the answer was yes.

Kris is the founding member of the Throttlers, SLC chapter, and loves fixing first generation camaros and held two track racing records at Rocky Mountain Raceway.

Kris has 4 children with only one wife! He and his wife Gaila enjoy all activities as long as it is done as a family.

Kris feels confident that he can do just about anything, he wears many hats and is admittedly not an expert, but knows just enough to be dangerous.

Jordan Brown - Fabricator

After attending Dixie College, Jordan got his degree in Physics at the University of Utah, and began work in the semi-conductor manufacturing business. Machining is his specialty, and even had a job building aluminum containers. What he enjoys building the most though is his Diablo Lamborghini, which he has just recently completed. He knew his true desire was to be involved in the custom automotive world, and in February of 2013, he took a sick day and came to Kindig-It Design to apply for the open position. He enjoys his position amongst the Kindig-It team of specialists and considers it an honor.

Eric Larsen - Fabricator

Welding has always been a passion of Eric’s. Originally from St. George, Utah, Eric made many art pieces that were housed in galleries. He did side jobs to keep his dream alive, and ended up in Salt Lake City, as a result of chasing a girl. He is learning so much from the crew at Kindig-It Design, a lot of useful information that will hopefully land him in his own fabrication shop one day. Eric has always loved everything with wheels and motors, from skateboarding to motorcycles and enjoys taking his life one day at a time.

Nick Panos - Electrical Finisher

Nick went to Weber State after high school and then onto the Toyota Training program. He was a mechanic for Lexus, but his goal was always to be involved in a custom shop. He then moved to St. George, Utah and opened his own store, 12 Volt Solutions with electrical wiring as his main specialty. After 2.5 years in that business, Nick felt he wanted to be closer to his family and moved back to Salt Lake City. He was selling cars at a local Salt Lake valley Toyota dealership, when the opportunity to become a part of the Kindig-it Design team came about. He jumped at the chance.

We are very happy to have Nick be a part of the Kindig-It family. Nick is a wonderful addition to the team. He's a hardworking fun loving friend, son, brother, hubby & an exceptional daddy. Nick enjoys the family atmosphere & challenging work here at Kindig-It Design.

J. Moses - Fabricator

Moses learned his father’s trade of carpentry at an early age, both of his parents are very creative and it has rubbed off on him. He could make anything out of wood and then that switched to tinkering with cars, metal and fabrication. Soon, women and cars replaced wood and he opened his own Volkswagen Resto shop in Texas. He always interested in off roading, owned and ran a Land Rover accessories shop until he decided to move to Utah to be near his baby boy. Moses is self-taught, and has even produced animatronic dinosaurs as rolling productions. He has three boys, Gavin, Owen, and Grayson, and is a very proud father. He is enjoying his new home at Kindig-It Design.

David Pufahl - Shop Runner

Young David is a Utah native and has been around cars his entire life. He started coming to the shop when he was 12 or 13 years old and Dave would give him a tour. After his high school graduation, he stopped by the shop one more time and Dave needed a runner and gave him the job. David loves working at the shop, he enjoys all of the side jobs he does and the says the Kindig-it crew are so fun to be around. He hopes to be with the Kindig-It family for a long time. Besides cars, basketball is his main passion. We're happy to have David as a friend and a member of the Kindig-it Design team!

Bryce Green - Body Man

Bryce Green is a huge Mustang fan and has been since he was young. He had a 1968 beater Mustang which he wrecked when he was 16 years old, and his Dad told him to fix it. That is exactly what Bryce did! -doing a full restoration, the body work, fabrication and paint.

He spent his summer painting airplanes at the Ogden airport and winning shows with his restored Mustang. He went on an LDS mission to Hong Kong, and then attended Wyotech in Sacramento, California. While working at a shop in California, he learned of the 1968 fastback, The Boss, built by Kindig-it Design and the idea of being a part of that team was always on his radar. He sent his resume to Kindig-it Design, just to be able to say he had sent Dave Kindig his resume. And now, he is part of the team.

Donnie Hall - Fabricator

Donnie’s father had his hot rod shop at their home and he had a crib literally in the shop. So Donnie has been around hot rods his entire life. He is self-taught, and is skilled in bodywork, paint as well as fabrication.

Donnie has worked on a military base, destroying chemical agents and even had a brief stint with us at Kindig-it Design from 2003-2006.

Donnie is a Utah native, and lives here with his wife and three children. His hobbies include working on cars and he is very happy to be back with us at Kindig-it Design.

Jason Pringle - Futurliner Team

Jason Pringle has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He grew up around hot rods and is completely self-taught. Jason started his career in the car audio industry and eventually gravitated to custom shop work.

Jason loves working with his hands and has a passion for mini trucks even building his own. He had worked with Kindig-it Design previously as a subcontractor and is very excited to be back as a full time member of the Kindig-it Design Team.

Jason and his wife Kimberly have two children, Logan and Madison. Jason is passionate about everything custom and says he just wants to build cool stuff.

Baylee Kindig - Receptionist

Baylee Kindig, first born of Dave and Charity Kindig has been around the shop literally her whole life. As Baylee puts it, she has been inhaling exhaust since birth. She remembers at 5, rolling around in fiberglass and masking tape and causing all sorts of trouble. It was a natural transition then at 16 for Baylee to begin working at the shop as a runner.

She has moved on from that position, and is working in the office as an Executive Assistant. Baylee loves hot rods and her favorite is the 1968 Fastback, The Boss, built by her Dad. She loves her hot rod family and spending time with them. She has traveled to many car shows with her parents and younger brother Drew. Baylee is also a very talented photographer and artist; it seems as if her father’s gift was passed on to her as well. She has a great sense of humor and is going for total Kindig Domination.

Tommy Shelby - Fabricator

Tommy has loved cars from a very young age and his first job was grabbing tools for his father, while working on projects in the garage. An interesting fact, Tom is distantly related to Carroll Shelby. Carroll Shelby being his Grandfathers 3rd cousin. So maybe the love of the automotive industry was actually, always in his blood.

Tommy is a self-taught car guy and has worked in some of the top custom shops in the San Diego area. Tommy came by Kindig-it Design while on vacation and after a great meeting with Dave, he decided to trade the ocean for the mountains. We're glad he did!

Most important to Tommy is his beautiful supportive wife and son Cole, who is already in love with anything that has wheels. Tommy is a great guy and is always sharing a smile with everyone he comes into contact with. He's not only a hardworking key component to the Kindig-It Design Team, he's family. We both look forward to a successful long term relationship here at, Kindig-It Design.

Greg Hebard – Fabricator, Machining

Greg grew up in Motor City, Detroit Michigan, where he first acquired an interest in cars. After moving to Utah in 2005, he began attending the University of Utah and building motorcycles in his free time. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts, Greg started working as a machinist and fabricator in the hot rod industry; he believes it is extremely rewarding to build custom things from scratch using traditional tools and techniques. He’s interested in any thing fast! Dave thought he had a killer attitude and some bitchin’ skills. He started working in November of 2014 and has been an awesome fit with the rest of the crew.

Jason Lynch - Fabricator

Jason has been a part of the Kindig-it Team since January 2015 and specializes in fabrication. Jason graduated with honors at Wyotech in Blairsville Pennsylvania and also has a Bachelor Degree in Business. He has always loved cars and building things. Jason grew up in Florence, Kentucky after he graduated from Wyotech he started working at Antique Auto Shop, and the result of chasing a girl he ended up in Utah (he didn't get the girl), and worked in another custom shop in Logan. When Jason isn't at the shop kicking ass he does Competitive Skijoring with his two adorable Siberian Huskies, Rosko and Kida. Jason is a quiet and reserved guy who at one point won a Guitar Hero Competition with over 200 competitors. We are lucky to have such a skilled and humble employee who is willing to help out wherever he can whether it is upholstery, metal, and even bodywork.

Pete Watkins- Fabricator

Pete joined the Kindig-it Team in January 2015, after Dave offered him a job and he and his wife Hallie moved to The Great Salt Lake from Tehachapi California, Pete had grown up watching build shows and was heavily influenced by the near by So-Cal Culture where he was introduced to the philosophy of Indian Larry of “Turning a machine into art, every working mechanism is a part of that art.” He specializes in metal shaping whether it is by machine or even hand shaping. Pete wants to prove that he can be one of the best, and provide for his wife doing what he loves. He loves craft beer and is a God fearing, born again Christian who likes making people laugh.

Kindig It Design - About the Shop

Kindig-It Design Custom Builds

The Kindig-It Design custom builds are truly one of a kind. That is also very true of our unbelievably talented and unique crew. Our 27,000 square foot facility houses over 25 of the most unique individuals, with work ethics that are beyond compare. Kindig-It Design’s staff works tirelessly to provide the ultimate in custom hot rod builds and restorations. We have specialists in every faction of custom car building, from engineering, to fabrication and electrical to custom paint jobs. Customers always feel very confident leaving their vehicles in the care of Kindig-It Design, because we are a one stop custom and restoration facility. The Kindig-It Design crew has the knowledge and experience to offer thorough technical support throughout a build as well as in product purchases. Let the experienced crew at Kindig-It Design be a part of your next custom automotive project!

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