Kindig Gallery of Custom Builds

'53 F-100

'39 GM Futurliner

'50 Phantom Fleetside

'70 Chevelle

'70 Challenger

'69 Bronco

'14 Audi

'34 Dodge

'65 Pontiac GTO

'32 Ford Roadster

'68 Mustang

1965 Ford Galaxie

'62 Volkswagen Bus

'72 Ford Bronco

'55 Bel Air

'60 Chevy Bel Air

'64 Caddy

'56 chevy

'39 Buick

1960 Corvette

Hess Camaro

56 Chevy

32 Ford Tudor

72 Datsun 240Z

06 Dodge Charger

'37 Chevy

'47 Cadillac

47 Chevy Pickup

Kindig It Design - Custom Build Photo Gallery

Hot Rod & Restoration Gallery

Kindig-It Design’s Gallery offers a beautiful array of the custom Hot Rods and Restorations that we have completed over the years. The creativity, design and top quality workmanship that Kindig-It Design provides to all clients is apparent in each project. Dave Kindig and our skilled and specialized crew are constantly reinventing the custom wheel and producing over the top builds that are continually taking top prizes nationally, like our 1939 Buick, which was named America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod in 2011. Kindig-It Design takes pride in using only the top quality parts and products from our trusted, professional industry partners. Contact Kindig-It Design today, your dream build could be the next beautiful custom Hot Rod in our gallery.